Technical service department (TSD) is headquartered in Dalian, and has regional technical service representatives in 7 cities in China, we are customer-oriented, and provide convenient and quick technical support and satisfy the real needs of customers from their point of view;

TSD is a window to understand the technical information of TAGAL products and hot-dip galvanized materials. Here you can find the latest information about TAGAL quality products and the forefront application technology of hot-dip galvanized products;

TSD is tyour technology partner of providing material application support. Complete process trackingthe application performance of TAGAL materials,we provide a comprehensive optimization solution regarding material usage together with you;

TSD is the bridge between you and TAGAL. Your special requirements to material is our motivation to ascend.Through the technical exchanges, TAGAL products obtain your overall approval.


R&D(Research and development) is affiliated with TAGAL TC(technical center), and is an integrated department which covers new product development, research and development system management and laboratory tests. Relied on the Know-how and technology platform from two parent companies of tkSE and An-steel group, and oriented by the market and customer needs, R&D brings product development closer to customers’ requirments.

New Product Development


Against the background of German Volkswagen and tkSE putting forward "filler-free painting" system, R&D starts TABS product’s research and development actively.

After many technological breakthroughs and process system optimization, TAGAL TABS-GI products have covered all exposed panel parts.andtheir surface quality perfectly matchthe new painting system of OEM. TAGAL is the first batch supplier of these products in China and in the international market, the product quality also takes a leading position in this field.

TAGAL engineer on-spot checking at customer

AHSS(Advanced High Strength Steel) series products

The company has been market demand-oriented and striving for product diversification. Withthe support of the two parent company, R&D carries through the development of AHSS products. After technology integration and multipoint technology innovation, R&D has successfully developed series of AHSS products with many varieties, and all of them accord with customer standards after customer tests, and some products have begun batch supply.AHSS series: DP600, DP600 -λ, DP600 - n, DP780, DP980, QP980, TRIP690, and etc.

High strength steel application on car body

R&D System Management

Product technology research and development and product quality improvement are the core development strategy of the company. Adhering to the corporate philosophy and relying on the overall management control, R&D is constantly improving the R&D system. As of December 2016, the company has 4 invention patents, 29 utility model patents, 106 technical personnel, and 14 high-tech products, and each year has more than 5 scientific and technological achievements commercialized.

Since 2010, the company has consecutively passed the national high technology enterprise certification audit for 3 times, and obtain high-tech certificate.


R&D Laboratory Devices


Optical metallographic microscope