Inheriting the idea and application technology from tkSE (short for thyssenkrupp Steel Euro), merging and setting up a professional application technology team, developing interdisciplinary confluent technology, Tagal provide customized and special ETI® service during body development process.

Based on customers' current car body technology and manufacturing process, merging materials, structure and process technology together, and taking performance, weight and cost into account, we carry out systematic analysis and comprehensive optimization and propose a variety of solutions, which can be implemented quickly and provide on-site technical support.

Based on the whole process technology from material to vehicle, we give play to fusion and integration ability in various fields. We analyze and find out customers' requirement in different stages and actively build customized technology and services system to solve practical engineering problems. We bring out special technical service with " ETI = EVI + EPI " concept .(EVI is short for Early Vehicle technology Involvement. EPI is short for Early Process technology Involvement)

Main Service Content

According to different service requirement from EVI to EPI, Tagal build and develop corresponding technical systems and data base for reference and import new material, new process and advanced vehicle technology continuously from tkSE.

ETI application technology direction in future

1. Application technology of AHSS and UHSS

2. Skin Panel technology for light-weight and cost-saving requirement

3. Technical solution kit for material application in car-body

Tagal have a flexible service mode, in order to have a win-win cooperation with our customers, according to their different working process and condition!

Strengthen technical communication, sign confidential agreement and emphasize to establish long term technical and strategic cooperation relationship with customer; the cooperation process is not limited to Tagal’s material portfolio. In order to solve practical engineering problems, we send experts to form a joint-work group with customers, carry out in-depth local cooperation. We import new material, new process and advanced vehicle technology continuously from tkSE.