TAGAL – Driving Smart Steel

TAGAL is one of the leading hot-dip-galvanized steel suppliers for Automotive industry in China and South East Asia. Founded 2002 by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe and Ansteel, TAGAL has been acknowledged for superior quality, innovative products, state of the art technology and tailored services with the focus on the expectations and requirements of the automotive customers. TAGAL operates 4 hot-dip galvanizing (HDG) lines in 3 different locations in China (Dalian, Chongqing and Guangzhou) with a total capacity of 1.7 million tons per year.

TAGAL Research & Development functions are centralized in Dalian and well connected to technical departments of tkSE and Ansteel to synergize resources and experience. Taking into account the different strengths and advantages of TAGAL HDG lines, TAGAL develops innovative product solutions for future needs of automotive industry like Zinc-Magnesium coating, HDG material for fillerless painting-systems, high-ductility AHSS, UHSS or AlSi-coated steel for hotforming applications.

TAGAL Customer Technical Service (CTS) combines all benefits for customer from pre- to after-sales services like EVI, Early-Process-Involvement, trouble shooting and claim handling. The CTS team provides deep information and technical exchange about new products, surface technologies and their best application at customer sites as well as engineering solutions like smartform® for material saving or battery housing concepts for electric vehicles.

TAGAL Supply-Chain Services are comprehensive, innovative, close to customer and consider their individual needs. Short lead time, best delivery performance, digital service platforms and outstanding management of services like JIT, sheet delivery, tailored blanks etc. are key for the high customer satisfaction about TAGAL.

Ecology Priority, Green Development

Environmental protection concept

TAGAL aims to build a green factory which is energy efficient and environmental friendly. The company focuses on energy management, in pursuit of high quality, providing premium service, maintaining constant improvement to meet customer needs.

TAGAL adopts innovative advanced technology and scientific production management measures, so as to effectively cut energy consumption and increase energy utilization. Strictly abide by the laws, regulations and other requirements of energy management, TAGAL promotes clean production, proactively carry out energy saving and emission reduction, adhere to the conservation, cleanness and safety development.

TAGAL takes the initiative to undertake social responsibility, adheres to balance production and operation with resources and environment, transforms social responsibility into the driving force and long-term development, creates more sustainable value for the society and environment, and makes the company moving towards a green and sustainable future.

TAGAL moving forward: low-carbon strategy

Facing serious challenge from global climate change, effective control of carbon emissions, improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption have become one of TAGAL's future development goals.

TAGAL has always strived to provide environment-friendly products and technical solutions to customers, such as TABS: a specialized product to cope with the fillerless painting system; the unique smartform® technology from tkSE to significantly increase the usage-ratio. For example, compared with aluminum material, steel part's life-cycle-assessment (LCA) has advantages regarding overall CO2 emission, especially in the production stage.

Following the worldwide carbon reduction trend, TAGAL takes the next steps and worked out a systematic approach based on the life-cycle-assessment (LCA) method to reduce CO2 emission which supports customers to fulfil their targets. The main works are:
•Optimization of processes and facilities to improve the efficiency of energy usage
•Utilization of renewable energy
•With shareholders' commitment, TAGAL will set up roadmap and actions to meet the overall target of climate-neutral steel products by adopting new technologies (like hydrogen metallurgy), renewable energy or scrap recycling ratio etc.

TAGAL invites you to explore your benefits from our wide range of innovative products, services and engineering experience. Our motivation is to provide you high performance, environment-friendly, cost saving and lightweight-dedicated solutions to further your business.