TAGAL-Corporate Culture

TAGAL, as a modern company, has state of the art equipment, state of the art processing technology, advanced management skill, excellent HR and excellent team spirit.

During the continuous contribution process, we take the leading position in the market with our best performance, meanwhile let our shareholders obtain high investment return.

Our motto consists of professionalism, morality, high standard, good faith and safety. In the process of team building, we have to break through cultural and regional constraints, expand our horizons and realize diversification. The core of our company culture is Technology, Accuracy, Goal, Achievement and LOHAS.

The core of our company culture is Technology, Accuracy, Goal, Achievement and LOHAS.

The core of our safety culture is: all kinds of injuries, accidents, occupational diseases, fire accident, and environmental accidents can be prevented, 0-accident is the common goal of our pursuit; meanwhile, the employees’ health and safety out of working hours are also our concern.

For life style, TAGAL advocates LOHAS, which means healthy living habit, taking care of environment with detail things by oneself, being responsible for one’s health through continuous exercise with active attitude, focusing on personal development, attaching great importance to green environment to embrace the beautiful nature and enriching our travel experience meanwhile devoting ourselves to the planet.

Happy work and healthy life mean to enjoy the one’s own mirth and pass to others. The happiness of next generation is built on ours. We shall develop our deep mind and also improve the environment. Only based on that, we can achieve real happiness!

As a company with the responsibility for society, TAGAL actively devotes into the public charity events with the purpose to inspire more people to enter into this meaningful event.