Experiencing advanced application of steel, developed with the technical supports from shareholders (Angang Group and thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG), we endeavour to push forward the extensive application of high-valued steel in automobile, home appliance and construction industries.

State of the art production process, state of the art manufacturing equipment, Control of quality parameters for the complete line and quality-oriented philosophy ensure the comprehensive product range and best quality meanwhile we build the precise and diligent team.

Since the company set up the top goal is to service customer with high-valued steel products when it was founding, we have persisted to pursue it.

Working with professional attitude and shouldering the responsibility, employee continue the self-transcendence while achieving the company target. The employee and the company, both, accomplish the transcendence.

"Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability" job is the important part of life, but not all. We encourage the employee to choose the lifestyle of health, happiness, environment-friendly and sustainability. We focus on personal development and establishing the "green" working environment.