Mr. Wang Yi Dong, Chairman of Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Visited TAGAL

On May. 28th, Mr. Wang Yi Dong, chairman of Anshan Iron and steel group, visited TAGAL with his team. TAGAL reported recent Quality status and Ansteel’s FHM performance and TAGAL HSS Product Development and Customer Approval.

Chairman Wang pointed out that Ansteel shall pay high attention on the FHM quality performance and gave guidance on the improvement. He emphasized to speed up the technology improvement and enhance the process management. Meanwhile we shall get to know and follow current and potential demand of the customer, based on each line’s capability and specialty to market position and lay out the local strategic supply to customer.

Make good study on market and industry information, get well know of the automobile development trend then initiate the product R&D projects. New energy vehicle shall be the future trend HSS, light weight are the main topics in the future. We shall speed up the development, make good preparation to cope with the challenge in the market. 

During the line tour, Mr. Wang speaks highly of the safety management of TAGAL, especially the fire control gives him a good impression. He suggests Ansteel could exchange some method with TAGAL on production safety. 

Ansteel is quite interested to participate and invest on the future projects with tkSE on HSS and light weight solutions. It is hoped that both parties will further deepen exchanges, give full play to their respective advantages, promote high-quality development with high-level cooperation, and create a mutually beneficial and win-win future.