Dr.Tan Cheng Xu, Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of Ansteel Group, Visited TAGAL

Stand Higher, Setup Bigger and Comprehensive Plan for Innovation and Development

On Nov. 18, Dr. Tan Cheng Xu, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Ansteel Group, with his delegation visited TAGAL, debriefed the report and had a plant tour. Dr. Tan stressed that we should adhere to a high standard, focus on efficiency and benefit, give full play to our own technological and resource advantages, do a solid job in all aspects of operation and management, effectively improve the production efficiency and benefit and achieve better development.

Dr. Tan got to know the application achievements and new product development of auto steel

Mr. Simon Stephan, GM and Mr. Wei Kewei, DGM jointly presented the general situation of China's automobile market, basic information of the TAGAL, product and service innovation highlights, safety and environmental protection, cooperation with Ansteel and ThyssenKrupp, as well as future development strategy.

TAGAL MOs reporting to Dr. Tan on company status

Dr. Tan hearing TAGAL report

"What is the proportion of automobile steel in all products?", "which is the largest automobile customer this year?", "what are the plans for intelligent manufacturing in the future?" Dr. Tan asked about these above mentioned questions.

After that, Dr. Tan had a production tour to know the production equipment, process, quality, etc and to understand the application of TAGAL auto steel and the development process of new products. Dr. Tan walked to the quality inspection table and communicated with the operator who was checking the quality of galvanized coil to understand the product quality inspection and the operation of the quality control system guided by the customer’s requirement.

Dr. Tan delegation entering the workshop

During the visit, Dr. Tan acknowledged the advanced technology and decent management of TAGAL. He said that TAGAL is an example of good cooperation between Ansteel and ThyssenKrupp. With good technical and management capabilities and strong support from the parent companies, who has a promising future.

It is hoped that TAGAL will plan for the future in long-term, expand its business scope and strive to achieve greater results while doing well in automotive products. At the same time, TAGAL should play a better leading role in providing more support to Ansteel in terms of process technology, personnel training, sales concept, etc.

Dr. Tan expressed that Ansteel and ThyssenKrupp have a good foundation for cooperation. He hoped that the two parties could further strengthen exchanges, expand cooperation, accurately promote projects and carry out practical cooperation to achieve more fruitful results.

TAGAL—— Driving Smart Steel. TAGAL as a high-quality steel solution and service provider, our team aims to meet the challenges and create a sustainable future together with the automotive industry driven by innovation and value.