TAGAL ‘Innovations Day’ China Tech-show Officially Kicked Off

TAGAL Innovative Products and Technologies Shining on China SAE Conference

On November 7th, TAGAL innovative products and technology solutions were presented at the automotive material conference hold by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE) and got great attention of the conference guests who were mainly experts and material researchers from academies of traditional- and NEV automotive OEMS.

Together with TAGAL’s grand appearance on SAE conference, TAGAL Innovations Day also officially kicked off. After the successful completion of 2019 TAGAL innovative products and technologies conference in this July, lots of Automotive OEM customers have shown great interests in more information. In order to make a further deeper and more focused communication, TAGAL specially holds this Innovations Day activity. Meeting customers face to face, the conference will introduce TAGALs innovative products and technology solutions including the latest coating and surface technology, new generation UHSS aligned with future light weight requirements, NEW car-body platform and steel battery-pack solution, ETI® service etc. by a combination of real parts exhibition, technical presentations and special discussions.

As the first stop of this tech-show, Guangzhou event starts successfully and the whole tech-show will last to the first season of 2020. Thanks to the tech-show, customers will know deeper and more comprehensively on TAGALs innovative products and technology solutions. We also believe TAGAL will bring more benefits on cost reduction, car body lightweight, safety and environmental protections to our customers.

TAGAL—Driving Smart Steel!