TAGAL Won Volvo Award of Sustainability Supply Chain Partner 20210726

TAGAL Won the Award of "Sustainability Supply Chain Partner"

Join hands with Volvo to create a sustainable industrial chain

2021 Volvo Car APAC Suppliers Sustainability Tech Show was held on 21 July in Shanghai. Volvo aims to cooperate with partners in the whole value chain to continuously reduce carbon emissions and jointly achieve the goal of climate neutral. TAGAL was invited to attend the event and won the award of "Sustainable Supply Chain Partner".

As an important supplier and partner of Volvo, TAGAL is committed to providing customers with environmentally sustainable innovative technologies and product solutions. TAGAL actively responds to the national policies and requirements to promote the use of clean energy, maintains information sharing with the actual needs of customers, and regularly invites customers to evaluate and discuss the phased results and action plans of TAGAL’s sustainable development projects. In the green power project of Chengdu plant, TAGAL project team successfully purchased clean green power by coordinating with local power supplier, helping Chengdu plant achieve the goal of 100% power use from renewable energy, effectively reducing energy consumption and CO2 emission. TAGAL feels honored that VOLVO acknowledges our direction with such an award, which lays a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties in the future. In the future, TAGAL will continue to work with Volvo to create a sustainable development industrial chain and help Volvo achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy usage by 2025.

Like Volvo, TAGAL always pursues a sustainable future as well. At present, driven by the national dual carbon strategic goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutral", based on life cycle assessment, TAGAL has formulated systematic CO2 reduction measures, including optimizing production process, using renewable energy, improving energy management system, etc., We have furthermore defined our short-, mid- and long-term targets along this transformation. With rich innovative products, all-round services and leading technical experience, TAGAL provides customers with products and technical solutions with high quality, environmental friendly, cost reduction and weight reduction, supports automobile OEMs to achieve sustainable development goals, jointly promote clean and low-carbon transformation of supply chain and practice green sustainable development strategy.