TAGAL 34th Board Meeting came to a Successful Conclusion

On May 11th, 2021, TAGAL 34th board meeting came to a successful conclusion in Dalian.

Mr. Wang Yi Dong, chairman of TAGAL and Mr. Zhang Guo Qiang, board director of TAGAL, together with TAGAL management team to hold video board meeting with tkSE.

During the meeting, TAGAL management reviewed the business performance and reported on the future production and operation plan, market layout planning and medium and long-term strategic development ideas.

Chairman Wang and Deputy chairman Mr. Osburg fully affirmed the excellent achievements of TAGAL in the pandemic period and expressed gratitude to the management team and all the staff for their efforts and contributions to the development. The board of directors encouraged and believed that the management level had the ability to lead the team to concentrate and achieve better results and would give TAGAL strong support.

During the meeting, both shareholders discussed and exchanged in depth on various topics such as business situation, market development, new product R & D and project investment. Both sides expressed full confidence in the future cooperation, and relying on the new stage, new concept and new pattern of development, grasping the new opportunities hand in hand to support TAGAL achieve high-quality development.