Intuitive user interface can help host, presenter and attendee easily use various functions. For example, presenter can timely adjust the layout of meeting room quickly and flexibly as needed.

Besides, the features such as sharing, chatting, video, note, Q&A, whiteboard and others are fully enhanced, which makes collaborative office more easily. The user can make audio be connected to Adobe Connect meeting, also provide bidirectional communication for VOIP and attendees.

Adobe Connect Mobile enables participants to browse meeting on mobile devices which include iPhone, iPad, Google Android and others that support Adobe Flash technology.


Enterprise network conference and synergy: TAGAL's branches, representative offices and even customers are allowed to communicate through remote video conference. By doing this we can realize training and work report conducted by colleagues around the country, and face-to-face communicating with customers. Still, we save money while becoming efficient through this.

High safety: be set up to make people access to conference with login password.

Access to devices: desktop, laptop, tablet PC and mobile phone that we can be connected to conference via the address anytime and anywhere.